Day 43 – the start of a week full of fabulous ladies. My mother is away for the week so I have no additional help with the children so I have had a week as a stay at home mum. Although that doesn’t actually reflect what we did! I drove the children up to my best friend in Leamington Spa on Sunday night after we finished staff training. On Monday a third pal arrived with her two children. The chosen wine glasses came after a discussion regarding crystal and size – we were pretty pleased with our decision!

Day 44 – half term is never the time to go for a day out if you have pre-schoolers and this can be avoided however we had a great day and Wyn had me pushing him on the swing for an eternity!

Day 45 – the drive home with two zonked out children, followed by a dash to the supermarket to restock the fridge and approximately five loads of laundry.

Day 46 – we missed Elspeth’s 4th birthday party because Beau was poorly however we had a lovely after with The Grays in their new home making and then eating fairy cakes.

Day 47 – my little Wyn’s face is returning to normal – still loads of marks on his little body.

Day 48 – we had a wedding at the hotel on Saturday and part of their decorations included to books like this with the pages folded to create words. I’m sure it’s a Pinterest moment!

Day 49 – the second birthday party of the weekend. Yesterday’s was held on a wood and some lovely friends adopted my two and took them when I was working. Today’s party had a truly splendid face painter and bubble man – he had the kids inside bubbles! The theme was pirates and princesses – Beau did not need any encouragement to put on her fairy princess clothes!



Day 40 – who wouldn’t want to spend the day as a fairy princess?
Day 41 – Wyn is still suffering with chickenpox, he has it far worse than Beau did but strangely she had it exactly two years ago to the day!
Day 42 – a peaceful nights sleep – I think we are on the upwards curve now.

Day 43 – after the BW course Jon and I went on we have now started passing it on to our staff. This was modules 1 and 2 of the personality experience.
Day 44 – the boy is clearly feeling slightly better his dinner ended up on the walls!
Day 45 – my fairy princess again but this time she used her magic powers to complete some polishing at the hotel whilst we were setting up for a very busy valentine’s night restaurant.
Day 46 – this is my pot of Egyptian Magic. Magic the creator of this product stayed with us recently and sent 28 pots to the hotel once he had returned home one for every member of staff. I am using it on my dry old lady hands which are suffering going in and out of the cold and wet and the effects of central heating.



What a week of highs and lows!

Monday saw us up near Bath on a Best Western training course called ‘The Personality Experience’. It was an intensive two and a half days but it was so worthwhile – really looking forward to passing it on to our staff.

After the course finished on Tuesday we drove to the New Forrest and stopped overnight there. The sheep slowed our journey a little!
At dinner Jon had arranged for roses to be on our table – we will both be working Valentines. The flowers still look beautiful now – lucky me!

On Thursday Wyn and I had curry for dinner – I am proud to say he was a big fan!

I had a lovely glass of wine on Friday – Beau came over to me and told me it was wine made from turtles! This was followed by another sleepless night thanks to Wyn – I had noticed the first spot on Friday so I needed the wine!

Saturday he had half a million spots – you should see him now poor love. They are in his eyes, mouth, all over his torso and in places little boys don’t need spots!

We had a wedding open afternoon at the hotel on Sunday (my mum looked after Wyn and Beau came to work with us). It is always so lovely to see the hotel set up wedding ready and be able to chat to the couples who come to look around. We have some great local suppliers who help us to dress the hotel and then are there to pass on their wisdom too.

So an inspiring week to start, with a touch of romance ending with a very poorly boy and a tired mummy.


Well that is month one complete – still can’t get my head around how quickly it has passed.
This week we were in Wales for the BW annual general meeting – days filled with speeches and seminars and nights filled with some fabulous entertainment! The band on Monday night were amazing and the black tie do on Tuesday is always great – got to bed at 3.30am that night!
On Wednesday we took two little Welsh dragons home with us to our little ones!

On Thursday I took them on a play date and their little eyes lit up when it started to snow! Thankfully it didn’t last!
Friday saw us take the journey from hell from Dorset to Sussex – literally every road we tried had a closure and the journey took over 4 hours!
On Saturday we took Beau to sing-a-long Frozen – my heart has melted she loved it sooo much!
We returned home to find our photographs have arrived – I can now prepare our Christmas thank you cards – just as month two starts!!




Another week has passed – 2015 needs to slow down a bit!

On Monday Beau has ballet, they are rehearsing for a big show next month – she’s going to be a bumble bee!
Tuesday night was girls night out, fab food, friends and a splosh or two of wine – yum!
Wednesday morning was spent with friends and the older ones dressed Wyn up as a merman – this child will have cracking 18th birthday pictures!
Thursday was Wyn’s first haircut and he seemed to be feeling the effect on Friday!
On Saturday I could resist this breakfast face!
Today Jon and I are off to Wales for a conference, Nana and Grandad are looking after the monkeys at home and I am typing this post from the hotel bar with a large glass of Sauvignon. Happy Sunday peeps!




Second full week of the project and it’s been a busy one – lots going on at the hotel and at home.

Day 12 – after a day at work some family time playing games whilst dinner was cooking.

Day 13 – Wyn had his first swimming class since the Christmas holidays. He has been doing Water Babies classes since he was 3 months old and he just loves every moment in the water.

Day 14 – toddler group, Beau’s swimming class – a day with my babies finished off by a lovely hug between them – melts my heart!

Day 15 – a full day working but had to start cooking once the kids were asleep – made a delish chilli with extra veggies and a stew as well.

Day 16 – a group of Americans were staying for a few days for a 70th birthday celebration. This wasn’t an ordinary 70th – it was bling, bold, black and gold and all the extras were requested at the last moment. We called on some great local suppliers and pulled it altogether complete with a pianist for mood music!

Day 17 – trying to spend that last Christmas voucher – no success but did manage a ride on the carrousel and the kids loved it. Couldn’t get Wyn to turn around for a photo he lived it so much!

Day 18 – been doing chores, playing with the kids and trying to drink this vast cup of tea for hours!


#365 the first full week

I have really enjoyed the first full week of the project – just hope I can keep it up for the rest of the year!

We were up visiting my in-laws for a late Christmas celebration which was lovely the children don’t get to see their auntie and uncles enough so it’s always really special. Taking Beau to the cinema was such a treat and we all loved the movie.

We came home again on Wednesday – my manicure was well overdue so that was mandatory on Thursday!

Saturday night was the last Christmas party of last year or the first one of this year – either way we had to dig the crackers and party boxes out of storage on Friday after having only just packed it all away.

We got a slow cooker for Christmas so I am all over Pinterest for recipes of the healthy variety – I have found some which whilst merely reading I can feel my arteries clogging up!

Today – a mooch around town with mum followed by bangers and mash for supper. Wyn’s favourite part was clearly pudding!