Day 40 – who wouldn’t want to spend the day as a fairy princess?
Day 41 – Wyn is still suffering with chickenpox, he has it far worse than Beau did but strangely she had it exactly two years ago to the day!
Day 42 – a peaceful nights sleep – I think we are on the upwards curve now.

Day 43 – after the BW course Jon and I went on we have now started passing it on to our staff. This was modules 1 and 2 of the personality experience.
Day 44 – the boy is clearly feeling slightly better his dinner ended up on the walls!
Day 45 – my fairy princess again but this time she used her magic powers to complete some polishing at the hotel whilst we were setting up for a very busy valentine’s night restaurant.
Day 46 – this is my pot of Egyptian Magic. Magic the creator of this product stayed with us recently and sent 28 pots to the hotel once he had returned home one for every member of staff. I am using it on my dry old lady hands which are suffering going in and out of the cold and wet and the effects of central heating.


One thought on “#365

  1. Glad the pox have started to go, loving the fairy princess, could you send her my way with the polishing cloth xx

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