Seriously how cool does my little chick look?! Love her.

Returned home and then both kids got sick through the night – thank goodness this didn’t happen in the tent!

My birthday wasn’t the best I’ve had – both kiddies still sick and Jon working but two of my most lovely friends dropped off my presents – fab jewellery! 

And here is Beau modelling it all for me!
Wedding at work on Friday – I had to stay home with my sick babies and my sick self since they have kindly passed it on to me!
Everyone seemed much brighter on Saturday so I took them out for the day and it was such a beautiful afternoon. Unlike Sunday which was decidedly autumnal so we headed to soft play. This particular soft play was 4 stories of doom with monster children flying around at high speed. To battle The Hunger Games my two teamed up and I couldn’t have been prouder if Beau, she kept Wyn with her and they played together beautifully. When we came outside the weather had changed and we enjoyed a lovely stroll along the prom. 



 The weeks are flying by and so with two poorly children and a day of Disney I have taken the time to catch up!

There are a few big events coming up in the village in the next couple of months – first will be the opera and then after that we have the fete. Much more excitingly than those however is that my boy turned two this week! 

Two cute pics of my bubbas and a fabulous manicure for me round up this week! We were away for the weekend celebrating a 40th birthday so party nails were the order of the day!

Managed to get my hair sorted – no more grey for seven weeks!

We have a toad that lives near our front door and this little frogy chap by our back door. Quite the place for amphibians to hang out. 
Look how he concentrates – this is just before the game was destroyed and it takes rather a long time to set up! 
They wanted to sleep together, sleep took rather a long time coming but eventually bliss! 

We went to Camp Bestival on Saturday with the kids and it is a truly family friendly festival. Expensive no doubt but a fabulous day out – we will be back.

Sunday marked the start if opera week in the village. We were in the church late setting up. 

This year’s opera is Don Giovanni and the performers came from all over the world to take part.  

It is amazing what such a tiny village can achieve – it was a great success roll on 2016! 

 My sister is over from Ireland for their annual summers holiday – it is lovely for our children to have this time together. 

This week was full of celebrations two important birthdays for two important ladies. We also went on our first family camping trip. Going to with two other crazy families was amazing after days of rain the weather took a turn for the better and the sun shone for us. Happy memories banked!



Our Easter break continues and we spent Monday at the beautiful Chatsworth House.  

 There was a fabulous chair exhibition  in the house but the first picture sums up just how relaxing the day was.

On Tuesday we took the children to Derwent Reservoir for a walk and picnic.

Jon loves face painting with the kids – this one looks like Aunt Polly (I wonder how many people remember Worzel Gummidge?!)

We returned to Derwent on Thursday with another family and I took this picture – Beau told me it was her favourite holiday picture. 


It took us six and a half hours to drive home on Friday – luckily both monkeys had a good sleep in the car which killed some time.

Another Beau pic – I will need to credit her soon! This she informs me is the view from underneath her blanket. I love the colours.

The ‘then and now’ picture is thanks to Timehop. The tiny Beau from three years ago prompted me to take a today shot. Can’t believe how grown up my little girl is getting.


In preparation of our Easter break and in the hope of good weather I got the boy a pair of crocs – he loves them so much he cuddled them in bed Monday night.

Tuesday’s bedtime was a total disaster – I ended up with both back down stairs at 9.30 pm starting the bedtime routine from scratch! Beau eventually flaked out, just before I did.

On Wednesday night Beau wanted to have a sleepover on the carpet with Wyn. This wasn’t the final sleeping arrangement! 

On Thursday we left the village and drove to some friends on our way up to The Peak District for our Easter break.

Friday night – our first at the holiday house. Four families – 8 adults and 7 children. Wyn’s first night was slightly unsettled but he managed to get comfortable on Jon’s back – both of them were snoring!

Saturday was fairy castle construction and Easter bonnet decorating day.

On Sunday we had an Easter egg hunt in the garden and the kids wore their bonnet. They had so much fun – it was a lovely Easter Day.


Day 43 – the start of a week full of fabulous ladies. My mother is away for the week so I have no additional help with the children so I have had a week as a stay at home mum. Although that doesn’t actually reflect what we did! I drove the children up to my best friend in Leamington Spa on Sunday night after we finished staff training. On Monday a third pal arrived with her two children. The chosen wine glasses came after a discussion regarding crystal and size – we were pretty pleased with our decision!

Day 44 – half term is never the time to go for a day out if you have pre-schoolers and this can be avoided however we had a great day and Wyn had me pushing him on the swing for an eternity!

Day 45 – the drive home with two zonked out children, followed by a dash to the supermarket to restock the fridge and approximately five loads of laundry.

Day 46 – we missed Elspeth’s 4th birthday party because Beau was poorly however we had a lovely after with The Grays in their new home making and then eating fairy cakes.

Day 47 – my little Wyn’s face is returning to normal – still loads of marks on his little body.

Day 48 – we had a wedding at the hotel on Saturday and part of their decorations included to books like this with the pages folded to create words. I’m sure it’s a Pinterest moment!

Day 49 – the second birthday party of the weekend. Yesterday’s was held on a wood and some lovely friends adopted my two and took them when I was working. Today’s party had a truly splendid face painter and bubble man – he had the kids inside bubbles! The theme was pirates and princesses – Beau did not need any encouragement to put on her fairy princess clothes!

#365 the first full week

I have really enjoyed the first full week of the project – just hope I can keep it up for the rest of the year!

We were up visiting my in-laws for a late Christmas celebration which was lovely the children don’t get to see their auntie and uncles enough so it’s always really special. Taking Beau to the cinema was such a treat and we all loved the movie.

We came home again on Wednesday – my manicure was well overdue so that was mandatory on Thursday!

Saturday night was the last Christmas party of last year or the first one of this year – either way we had to dig the crackers and party boxes out of storage on Friday after having only just packed it all away.

We got a slow cooker for Christmas so I am all over Pinterest for recipes of the healthy variety – I have found some which whilst merely reading I can feel my arteries clogging up!

Today – a mooch around town with mum followed by bangers and mash for supper. Wyn’s favourite part was clearly pudding!


Things we should know how to do by now

Driving home from London last week with the two monkeys asleep in the back of the car I got a puncture – we have had plenty of punctures in the past but on this occasion I didn’t have my big strong husband with me to jump out of the car and change the tyre for me and no we do not have road-side assistance. The result obviously was that I had to change the tyre myself and although I consider myself fairly self-sufficient this is not something I have ever done before.  I rang Jon at work and he had to talk me through changing the tire it went something like this…

  • Get everything out of the boot and onto the hard shoulder of the M3 – overnight bags, travel cot, pram, coats, toys, blanket, shopping bags, random beach shelter and a Frisbee!
  • Pull up the base of the boot and remove the spare tyre and tools.
  • Return most of the contents to the boot to reduce the risk of a motorway pile-up caused by our floral picnic blanket taking flight across the motorway.
  • Take the little cap off the front of the tyre that hides the nuts.
  • Attach the tyre iron to the nut and un-screw – simple? No it involved me holding onto the roof of the car whilst jumping up and down on the tyre iron to release the nuts (insert swearing and cursing until complete – nothing like the image above!)
  • Remove the wheel – I discovered that wheels are quite heavy especially when they are boy-racer wheels that belong to an Audi estate car!
  • I must admit that by this stage I had broken into a slight perspiration and but was also feeling that I was accomplishing the task, I was just about to start putting the new wheel on when I was startled by a man saying hello. So startled in fact that I let out a little yelp and dropped my phone and experience a minor heart attack as I did not want to smash the screen – the screen was fine you will be pleased to hear.  Now the man must have thought that he had frightened the poor little lady and whipped out his ID double quick – he was a member of the army and asked if I needed assistance.  I told Jon (who had been on the phone to me all this time) that my knight in shining armour had arrived and hung up on him.  The army man (we will call him The General) put the new wheel on, gave me a little talk about the importance of getting the bad tyre fixed, assured me that the wheel would be safe to drive even though it was only hand-tight, mentioned the possibility of roadside assistance or a warning triangle to put further up the road, wished me a safe journey home and returned to his car.
  • I then set-to removing the contents of the boot once more before putting the bad wheel in the bottom and re-loading the boot once more.  I was just about to close the lid when The General returned and handed to me – wait for it – a wet-wipe to clean my hands!  I didn’t want to say that I literally had seven million in the car with two children under three in tow you are never more than arms reach away from a pack of wet-wipes. I took the wipe gratefully and thanked him once more for his help.
  • Beau, Wyn and I then drove very slowly home (maximum speed 50 mph with a space-saver tire) – the entire journey took us 5 and 1/2 hours door to door.

Two things stuck me as I drove home, firstly as grateful as I was to The General I think I had completed the hardest part of the task and was feeling quite pleased with my progress when he arrived – I think I would have quite liked to have completed the task by myself and secondly how I reacted by saying to Jon that my knight in shining armour had arrived – like I needed to be rescued – I shouldn’t need to be rescued.

As a result of my motorway adventure I have complied an (incomplete) list of things that we  should know how to do by the time we’re in our mid-thirties or in my case by now.

Things we should be able to do by now.

1. Change a tyre

changing a tyre


2. Change a fuse in a plug and re-wire it

changing a fuse

think back to school I sure we covered it

3. Change a washer to fix a dripping tap

dripping tap

very annoying the drip, drip, drip

4. Know where the fuse board is in your home and how to reset a tripped switch

fuse board

this one is particularly important when the chances are it will be your hair-straighteners which will have tripped the fuse in the first place!

5. Iron a shirt

ironing a shirt

this one is especially aimed at myself because I do not iron

6. Sew a button back on

sewing on a button

I can do it just don’t look too closely

7. Open a bottle of champagne without wasting a drop

champagne cork

this I can do

8. Mix a couple of great cocktails

cocktail mixing

a life skill which will take you far

9. Use chop-sticks

using chopsticks

you just look foolish if you can’t as your noodles slide down into your lap

10. Smile for the camera

smile for the camera

just smile for goodness sake!

11. Listen


sometimes it’s all you need to do – keep your mouth shut and open your ears!

12. Tell a good story or one good joke

telling a joke

One good story or a joke will get the conversation flowing

13. Multi-task graciously

multi tasking

there is a lot to do no use complaining just get on with it!

14. Keep a simple house-plant alive

keeping plants alive

we will call these orchids

15. Keep a couple of children alive

happy children

so far so good!

Like I said it is an incomplete list but a jumping off point – what have I missed?


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