On Monday Beau, Wyn and I enjoyed a late lunch out – they each had a pizza and I had a salad, I felt extremely virtuous! Plus it was delish which certainly helped!

On Tuesday I worked from home but was beginning to loose the will to live when I couldn’t connect to the network.

I got this picture done for Jon at Valentine’s but have only just had it framed. It’s from Not on the Highstreet by A is for Alphabet and I am really pleased with it.

Grabbed a takeout coffee from the hotel this morning – it’s a great initiative as far as I’m concerned! 

 Look at my girl asleep Friday night – I had to investigate when she was no longer on the monitor screen!

Forget ‘Where’s Wally’ it was ‘Where’s Beau’  Saturday afternoon and then the big tidy up before Daddy came home.

This last pic was from Saturday night we went to dinner at a friend’s house – the theme was ‘festival chic’. I have to admit we were a bit fast and loose with the term chic by the time we had consumed a fair amount of wine and the fake moustaches, wigs and glow sticks were in full use!





Monday morning we took Wyn to soft play. They had a tray of cakes up on the counter and Wyn wanted one, so he went and got a chair out of the Wendy House, pulled it past everyone to the counter so he could climb up and get to the cakes! 

On Tuesday evening I finally got round to repairing the button cushion I made last year. Very satisfying work.

After swimming Beau and Lexie looked like they were catching up on the weeks gossip! 


Thursday #selfie

I spent Friday working on the accounts – I had a strange view from my makeshift office at the end of The Regent Room.

On Saturday when I was trying to tidy up our cottage I went into the kitchen to find Wyn studying the Yellow Pages.

Another very busy Sunday at the hotel today – a party of 39, a party of 18, a party of 11 and a few more tables in the restaurant. I was happy to come home (before the 80 arrived for a meeting tonight) to enjoy cuddles with my babies while reading their favourite book ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson.


I this photo on Monday after seeing my Timehop from last year – the same one of the two of them on the sofa – here’s the comparison…

Tuesday – Do other parents think that their children’s toy multiply overnight? I swear we didn’t have this amount yesterday!

I got the call from nursery on Wednesday morning to tell me Beau had been sick, so armed with a washing up bowl and a towel I went to retrieve my first born.

Since doing our recent staff training we have started to put in place small ideas to give our guests a better experience – the first is free coffee to go in the mornings when guests are checking out.

Wyn is now the perfect age for ‘In the Night Garden’ and he adores it – simly mesmerised by the characters!

On Saturday Beau was a witch – I love this picture with Wyn just in the background by the fireplace.

Sunday was Mother’s Day but not for me! We had 50 in for lunch and 80 in for afternoon tea! Not really for my mummy either who had the children all day – my father did tell me they behaved really well though do that was a blessing!


Jon was able to have part of Monday off and took part in one of his favourite pass times – baking with Beau.

Just before going to work on Tuesday I spotted this fella seeking refuge in out garden to avoid ending up on someone’s dinner plate!

Wednesday morning whilst Beau was at nursery Wyn and I went to play with the Little Grays – I don’t know how Nat manages 3 children!

Thursday morning Claire came to do my nails – Wyn spent his time flirting with her and trying to help get the job done!

We have now completed the staff training – for modules 5 and 6 we took them out of the hotel and delivered them in a cafe in Sherborne. It went really well.

Beau has had her stage debut this week in the Ballet as a bumblebee. The show her dance school put on included tiddlers like her all the way up to those in their early 20s! It was fabulous – proud mummy moment. Beau was on cloud nine – although the 11.00 pm bedtime for two nights has worn her out somewhat! As demonstrated nicely in my last picture for this week – Wyn found himself evicted from his buggy so Beau could rest!


Another week and the end of month 2! 

Monday’s picture is a Beau selfie – it makes me smile every time I find one on my phone.

Tuesday was a stressful day. Wyn had his first swimming lesson after missing 5 weeks due to illness. You may think it would be awful because he wouldn’t want to swim on the contrary Wyn didn’t want to get out and the following hour was simply hellish he was so distressed. Receiving this fabulous present from my sister really cheered me up. She made it herself – clever lady!

On Wednesday after Beau’s swimming class we had supper with her pal Lexie and these two girls are definitely threeagers!

On Thursday we had the afternoon as a family and took the monkeys to the park which they adored!

Friday saw us staff training again – modules 3 and 4 of The Personality Experience. 

On a split shift on Saturday meant only spending the afternoon with the kids – it was hectic, it always is if I don’t spend that much time with them but there were a few moments of peace when they were both absorbed in Timkerbell.

On Sunday in comparison we were together all day so in a moment if madness out came the craft box and happy chaos with glue and glitter ensued!  Wyn styled his hair rather than creating an artistic masterpiece.