Monday morning we took Wyn to soft play. They had a tray of cakes up on the counter and Wyn wanted one, so he went and got a chair out of the Wendy House, pulled it past everyone to the counter so he could climb up and get to the cakes! 

On Tuesday evening I finally got round to repairing the button cushion I made last year. Very satisfying work.

After swimming Beau and Lexie looked like they were catching up on the weeks gossip! 


Thursday #selfie

I spent Friday working on the accounts – I had a strange view from my makeshift office at the end of The Regent Room.

On Saturday when I was trying to tidy up our cottage I went into the kitchen to find Wyn studying the Yellow Pages.

Another very busy Sunday at the hotel today – a party of 39, a party of 18, a party of 11 and a few more tables in the restaurant. I was happy to come home (before the 80 arrived for a meeting tonight) to enjoy cuddles with my babies while reading their favourite book ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson.


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