Another week and the end of month 2! 

Monday’s picture is a Beau selfie – it makes me smile every time I find one on my phone.

Tuesday was a stressful day. Wyn had his first swimming lesson after missing 5 weeks due to illness. You may think it would be awful because he wouldn’t want to swim on the contrary Wyn didn’t want to get out and the following hour was simply hellish he was so distressed. Receiving this fabulous present from my sister really cheered me up. She made it herself – clever lady!

On Wednesday after Beau’s swimming class we had supper with her pal Lexie and these two girls are definitely threeagers!

On Thursday we had the afternoon as a family and took the monkeys to the park which they adored!

Friday saw us staff training again – modules 3 and 4 of The Personality Experience. 

On a split shift on Saturday meant only spending the afternoon with the kids – it was hectic, it always is if I don’t spend that much time with them but there were a few moments of peace when they were both absorbed in Timkerbell.

On Sunday in comparison we were together all day so in a moment if madness out came the craft box and happy chaos with glue and glitter ensued!  Wyn styled his hair rather than creating an artistic masterpiece.


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