Second full week of the project and it’s been a busy one – lots going on at the hotel and at home.

Day 12 – after a day at work some family time playing games whilst dinner was cooking.

Day 13 – Wyn had his first swimming class since the Christmas holidays. He has been doing Water Babies classes since he was 3 months old and he just loves every moment in the water.

Day 14 – toddler group, Beau’s swimming class – a day with my babies finished off by a lovely hug between them – melts my heart!

Day 15 – a full day working but had to start cooking once the kids were asleep – made a delish chilli with extra veggies and a stew as well.

Day 16 – a group of Americans were staying for a few days for a 70th birthday celebration. This wasn’t an ordinary 70th – it was bling, bold, black and gold and all the extras were requested at the last moment. We called on some great local suppliers and pulled it altogether complete with a pianist for mood music!

Day 17 – trying to spend that last Christmas voucher – no success but did manage a ride on the carrousel and the kids loved it. Couldn’t get Wyn to turn around for a photo he lived it so much!

Day 18 – been doing chores, playing with the kids and trying to drink this vast cup of tea for hours!


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