Mothering Sunday

For us today meant a very busy day at work – 60 guests in for Mothering Sunday lunch. Jon left for work early this morning, I got the kids their breakfast and telephoned my mum.

Happy Mother’s Day Mummy – what time will you be over to look after the monkeys?

Lunch went past quickly, a busy service, happy guests and the children we did have in we’re on their very best behaviour.

I often wonder what the fathers say to them before they come for lunch on Mothers Day because on this one day even the most “spirited” of darlings manages to tow the line, sit quietly and say thank you to the waiting staff.

We will be celebrating Mothering Monday. Will the magic Mothers Day rules apply? Will my children be angelic during lunch or will Beau ask personal questions about the other diners in a rather loud voice?

Mamma why does that man have drawings on his arms?

Asked recently whilst on public transport about a man with rather terrifying tattoos!

Still we always have something to talk about – I find you are never short of conversation with an inquisitive two year old in tow.


One thought on “Mothering Sunday

  1. Such a funny age. They say what they think, and often what you’re thinking too! Cute post.

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