Twenty Questions

photo 1I am a massive Pinterest fan and can easily waste hours of time over there looking at boards and following pins back to their original source for further information. It was during one of my sessions that I happened across a rather clever, crafty type who had created a book called ‘Twenty Questions’. She made a book for each of her children, each page had a list of twenty questions which she intended to ask her children each year on their birthdays starting at the age of three. On the opposite side to each question page was a blank page for a photograph of the child. I pinned this particular post when Beau was tiny – months rather than years old, but now my baby has reached the ripe old age of two and three quarters and I thought again about the book. Now my problem is that I get super inspired by Pinterest and I am filled with good intentions but I rarely (if ever) actually get around to doing all the excellent things that it seems every other mother is doing. I was determined that this would be different.

I returned to the pin – it originally came from Reaves Party of Three Blog, I now note that Reaves is a party of four – just shows how long ago I read it! In the original post she went into great details of how she made it and gave a link to her Etsy shop so that you could download her PDF of the questions and make your own. So this was my plan, for once I was determined to complete a Pinterest project! On closer inspection I discovered that she had up-dated her original post and was now selling the completed books on Blurb. So job done, end of post, I ordered my copy and we all lived happily ever after.

Or not, I decided to make my own UK version, a couple of the questions didn’t translate for example, ‘ What is your favourite holiday?’ to us Brits this means favourite vacation not public holiday like Christmas or Easter. Plus the actual US spelling as opposed to UK spelling spurred me into action. I have made a photo book for the hotel using Blurb so I decided to make my own. I laid out the pages in Word and then saved them as Jpegs in Photoshop, I was then able to up-load these to Blurb as pictures and create my book. This sounds extremely straight forward and it kind of was, except it took me a bit of time fiddling around with the fonts, colours and cover design. I find that these things always take longer to do than you think, luckily my in-laws were staying with us so I was allowed a bit of uninterrupted computer time whilst they played with the monkeys. (Unlike now when I have one climbing behind me on the chair I am sitting on and the other one at my feet pulling everything off the low shelves).

Here is a picture of the layout I used for each page with the questions, I chose a different colour for each age – all bright and cheerful ones.


On the  page where the child’s photo is to be added the text above reads:

i am three

I have made the book up a few times with different colour options for the front cover – pink, blue and green (green for Beau because that is her favourite colour at the moment). The beauty of Blurb is that you can put your books on public sale if you wish or just keep them private. I am not putting this book on public sale because it is already there made by it’s original creator – you can buy a version from the lovely Reaves Party of Four by following this link or make you own.

photo 3 photo 2

Spoiler alert – If you are a friend of mine and your child is turning three this year guess what he or she will be receiving from us!


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