Funambulism, Juggling and other circus skills

Recently I have been thinking about life being a circus which sounds quite negative but this is not necessarily the case and I think the following three circus skills relate rather neatly to family and specifically to being a parent.

‘Funambulism’ to me it sounds like a ‘Fun’ – ‘Embolism’ and right there is a massive oxymoron.  There is nothing fun about an embolism and there is nothing surely nothing fun about walking a tight rope and finding the elusive balance to enable one to do it.

  •  The goal = balance between work and home
  •  The reality = I’m scared of heights and wobbling about on a bit of rope

‘Juggling‘ the manipulation of one of many objects using one or many hands – I have many objects and not enough hands!

  • The goal = keeping all the balls in the air and not letting anyone down
  • The reality = feeling like the balls are only a millisecond from crashing to the floor

‘Clown’ a comic performer who employs slapstick and physical humour, often in a pantomime style.  I try not to live my life as though I were a character in a farce, lurching from one crisis to the next however there are times when one must embrace the clown.

  •  The goal = happy clowning taking time out to laugh and enjoy the moment
  •  The reality = rather scared of clowns and of being a fool

 I have outlined the goals for me and the slightly less epic realities! The conclusion I have reached is that it is vital to create a balance in order to allow the juggling of tasks (in a controlled manner) and it is absolutely vital to keep your sense of humour in order to relax, enjoy the precious moments of childhood with your children and be their clown. There is nothing that brings a wider smile to my face than the belly laughs and little giggles from my children.

I recently read the following quote from fashion guru Clinton Kelly and I have adopted it.

“I realized this week that I cannot do it all. So I will choose to do what I can, fabulously.”

You cannot do everything it is not possible so lets just choose what we can do create a life balance but do those things fabulously shall we?

My key point plan to achieving living life fabulously

  1. Relax and look objectively at what is required of you – draw up a weekly planner and begin to fill in the slots where time is used up already e.g.. nursery, swimming classes and so on.
  2. Accept that no one can do everything and with a small family some things will have to be put aside in favour of more important items.
  3. Talk to the people who can help  – husband, family, friends, is there someone who could help you create time?
  4. Make the best use of the time you do have – in my case rather than juggling a baby at work all afternoon, find the help for a few hours which will enable me to focus entirely on work and achieve double the amount that I would have with a baby on my hip!
  5. Realise that it is totally acceptable not to want to be at work as much at this stage in your children’s lives – this does not make you a bad feminist!
  6. You are not letting people down because you cannot do everything – you are letting yourself down by piling an unrealistic amount of pressure on yourself which in turn will limit what you can achieve.
  7. When you do have the precious family time moments enjoy them – get down on the floor, make a mess, enjoy the chaos and be the clown.
  8. Let yourself be the fabulous person you are by giving yourself a break – you are doing great!

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