A little about me

Welcome to Code Brown – my very own shiny new blog.

"Do you have a blog?"
"Why yes, it's called Code Brown"
"Code Brown?"
"If you're a mummy you'll understand!"

My name is Jen – I am in my mid thirties, a married mother of two who is trying to keep everything together / going / moving…

I am a mummy to two amazing children a little two year girl called Beau


and a not so little six month old son called Wyn.


The other quarter of our family is my fabulous husband Jon and together we run a country house hotel in rural West Dorset.

This blog won’t concern our business too much as I want this to be about our family story and how we manage to cram everything in – Have you ever said,

"Right the baby is asleep, I don't have to pick up the 
little lady until one so I have {glances down at wrist 
only to notice watch must still be beside the sink} exactly 
an hour to fit in one weeks worth of work"? 

In fact you don’t actually need to have said it (although I did to one of our waitresses just the other day – crumbs work has been mentioned already!) but if you are a mummy I’m sure you will have thought this and probably on numerous occasions. Well, that seems to be how life rolls on around here trying to fit everything and get everything done before bedtime with lots of fun and laughter, some tears and tantrums (not too many of these please) and the odd code brown thrown into the mix! I hope you will enjoy the ride.


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